TTM7.2.0 is now live and available for testing

TTM7.2.0 deployment has been tested by submitting XML sample messages into CDS from v2.0 of the API with confirmation that all expected notifications were received.

TTM7.2.0 implements the first component for the Inventory Linking Exports Dual Running Solution (Phase 1). While this will not change the Exports functionality available, this release will prove connectivity within the CDS components which is a key step in the dual running strategy.

In TTM7.2.0, the Trade Test environment is using a stubbed CHIEF service. Against this stub, it will be possible to test the same types of movements as TTM7.1: arrivals, departures, and consolidations of a DUCR or MUCR in CDS. Please note that, with the introduction of this stub, if you submit a movement or consolidation message with a message code of “EDL”, “EAC”, or “CST” that triggers an error against the consignment in CDS, two error responses will be returned during this phase of Trade Test.

The documents listed below, Test Data Cover Sheet, XML Samples and KEL (Known Error Log) are to support testing in TTM7.2.0 testing. TTM7.2

Test Data Cover Sheet – additional EORI profiles have been added to the Trade Test environment to support Exports frontier movements. This includes both fully authorised CSP data and profiles authorised for specific locations or movement types to simulate non-CSP transactions (e.g. loader, consolidator).

Please ensure the correct combination of EORI, authorisations, and payment details are used for tests submitted in Trade Test depending on the test scenario being executed.

XML Samples – No new XML samples have been produced for TTM7.2.0. However, the three exports samples shared for the TTM7.1.0 release (EX_D_Sample_TC01, EX_D_Sample_TC02, EX_D_Sample_TC03) have been updated as follows:

Updated EORI and GoodsLocation (DE 5/23) to align with the updates to the Test Data available for TTM7.2
GoodsLocation (DE 5/23) 13 characters to align to correct reference data values

The XML samples available for Trade Test are as follows:

  • IM_IVL_Sample_TC01 – Inventory linked pre-lodged Type F declaration followed by arrival of the goods, includes all CSP notifications
  • IM_IVL_Sample_TC02 – Inventory linked pre-lodged Type F declaration with an inventory mismatch and revalidation, includes all CSP notifications
  • IM_C_Sample_TC01 – Standalone simplified Type C declaration
  • IM_F_Sample_TC01 – Standalone pre-lodged Type F declaration
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC01 – Type Y declaration with value build-up, currency conversion, and preference of 300
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC03 – Type Y declaration with an ADD commodity and currency conversion
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC04 – Type Y declaration with Onward Supply Relief (OSR)
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC05 – Type Y declaration with invalid EORIs that generates a DMSREJ with CDS12005 and CDS12007 errors
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC01 – Type Z declaration where the agent has standing authority to use the trader’s DAN
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC02 – Type Z declaration with indirect representative and a FEC check
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC03 – Type Z declaration with value build-up and a FEC check
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC04 – Type Z declaration with Inward Processing (IP) suspension
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC05 – Type Z aggregated supplementary declaration
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC06 – Type Z declaration with manual override
  • IM_Cancellation_Sample_TC01 – Cancellation request for a Type Z declaration and associated CDS response
  • IM_GPN_Sample_TC01 - Used to support the testing of non-inventory linked arrivals using the Arrival Notification endpoint
  • IM_A_Sample_TC01 – Standard frontier Type A declaration
  • IM_A_Sample_TC02 – Type A declaration with End Use Relief
  • IM_A_Sample_TC03 – Type A declaration with immediate payments as a method of payment
  • IM_A_Sample_TC04 – Type A declaration for goods entered into a Customs Warehouse
  • IM_B_Sample_TC01 – Simplified occasional frontier Type B declaration
  • IM_D_Sample_TC01 – Standard pre-lodged Type D declaration
  • IM_E_Sample_TC01 – Simplified occasional pre-lodged Type E declaration
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC06 – Type Y declaration with Inward Processing (IP) where duty is calculated using manual override
  • IM_Amendment_Sample_TC01 – Amendment request for a Type B declaration and associated CDS response
  • EX_D_Sample_TC01 - Inventory Linked Type D Air declaration with one MUCR and one DUCR, arrived and departed at MUCR level
  • EX_D_Sample_TC02 - Two Inventory Linked Type D Maritime declarations with one DUCR arrived separately, consolidated into one MUCR, MUCR shut and departed
  • EX_D_Sample_TC03 - Inventory Linked Type D Maritime declaration with one DUCR, arrived and departed at DUCR level
  • EX_Y_Sample_TC01 – Type Y declaration
  • EX_Y_Sample_TC02 – Type Y declaration with DIT licensing
  • EX_Y_Sample_TC03 – Type Y declaration with AEO authorisation
  • EX_Z_Sample_TC01 – Type Z declaration

The CDS Programme will continue to iterate on the XML sample messages as additional functionality is released into CDS Trade Test.

TTM7.2.0 Known Error Log (KEL) – Any updates made to the TTM7.2 KEL will also be made to the KEL on the online forum. Please refer to the online forum for the latest updates against the Trade Test known errors.

KEL ID 083 (Declaration is incorrectly rejected when document code C100 and document status code RE is used in conjunction with preference code 200, 300, or 400) is now resolved.

CDS Trade Test is a test system so please continue to raise any issues via the SDST.  The trade test is currently supported from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding UK bank holidays.

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