TTM6.2.0 is Live

This update includes an overview of the functionality, updates to codelists and the known error log as well as supporting documentation.

TM6.2.0 includes the following functionality:

For Imports:

  • Relief and suspension – further procedure codes
  • Inventory linking with amendments
  • Amendments of supplementary declarations
  • Cancellation & arrival of pre-lodged declarations
  • Declarations using immediate payments, with a simulated payment response

For Exports:

  • Supplementary declarations Type Y and Z
  • Authorisation validation


Two new API endpoints have been added to the Customs Declaration API to support this functionality. These endpoints adhere to the WC02 Declaration Submission schema.

  • Amendment request
  • Arrival notification

Known Issues

  1. The relief or suspension (as applicable) is not being correctly applied for the procedure codes: 7100 000, 0771 000, 0700 000, 5171 000, 5100 000, 4200 000, which were available previously in Trade Test. HMRC are urgently progressing testing on a new version of the application that supports this functionality and are planning to deliver a hot fix to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  2. Customs Warehousing declarations (H2) are impacted by an internal processing error which occurs in the calculation step when a declaration is submitted under a procedure or declaration category where Item Price/Amount (DE 4/14) is not required for the declaration. In these scenarios, a DMSACC will be received, but no further notifications. This remains under investigation.

Supporting documents for testing in TTM6.2.0,

Updated TCM and Codelists Documents – updates have been made to these documents as follows.

  • CDS 03 Declaration Technical Completion Matrix v3.24 – DE 6/1 Net Mass updated from NR to O for H2 and H3
  • CDS 03 Declaration Technical Completion Matrix for Exports v1.13 – Minor updates to descriptions for DE 1/6, 1/7, 6/16, 6/17
  • CDS 03 CDS Codelists and WCO References v1.25 – AdditionalInformationTypes added to System Defined Codes and Exports codelists added. Codelists have now been colour coded so that imports-only codelists are blue and exports-only are in green.

TTM6.2.0 Scenarios – this provides a high-level summary of the test scenarios enabled by this release. Please note the limitations to the procedure codes available, as outlined above, while the hot fix is delivered into CDS Trade Test.

TTM6.2.0 Test Data Cover Sheet – additional test data has been added to the Trade Test environment to support the immediate payments simulation and Exports. Please ensure the correct combination of EORI, authorisations, and payment details are used for tests submitted where the expected result is clearance.

XML Samples – New XML samples have been produced for TTM6.2.0. Please note that we have added the prefix IM to all imports samples and EX to all exports samples to differentiate them.

  • IM_IVL_Sample_TC01 – Inventory linked pre-lodged Type F declaration followed by arrival of the goods, includes all CSP notifications
  • IM_IVL_Sample_TC02 – Inventory linked pre-lodged Type F declaration with an inventory mismatch and revalidation, includes all CSP notifications
  • IM_C_Sample_TC01 – Standalone simplified Type C declaration
  • IM_F_Sample_TC01 – Standalone pre-lodged Type F declaration
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC01 – Type Y declaration with value build-up, currency conversion, and preference of 300
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC03 – Type Y declaration with an ADD commodity and currency conversion
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC04 – Type Y declaration with Onward Supply Relief (OSR)
  • IM_Y_Sample_TC05 – Type Y declaration with invalid EORIs that generates a DMSREJ with CDS12005 and CDS12007 errors
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC01 – Type Z declaration where the agent has standing authority to use the trader’s DAN
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC02 – Type Z declaration with indirect representative and a FEC check
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC03 – Type Z declaration with value build-up and a FEC check
  • M_Z_Sample_TC04 – Type Z declaration with Inward Processing (IP) suspension
  • IM_Z_Sample_TC05 – Type Z aggregated supplementary declaration
  • IM_Cancellation_Sample_TC01 – Cancellation request for a Type Z declaration and associated CDS response
  • NEW IM_A_Sample_TC01 – Standard frontier Type A declaration
  • NEW IM_A_Sample_TC02 – Type A declaration with End Use Relief
  • NEW IM_A_Sample_TC03 – Type A declaration with immediate payments as a method of payment
  • NEW IM_B_Sample_TC01 – Simplified occasional frontier Type B declaration
  • NEW IM_D_Sample_TC02 – Standard pre-lodged Type D declaration
  • NEW IM_E_Sample_TC02 – Simplified occasional pre-lodged Type E declaration
  • NEW IM_Y_Sample_TC06 – Type Y declaration with Inward Processing (IP) where duty is calculated using manual override
  • NEW IM_Amendment_Sample_TC01 – Amendment request for a Type B declaration and associated CDS response
  • NEW EX_Y_Sample_TC01 – Type Y declaration
  • NEW EX_Y_Sample_TC02 – Type Y declaration with DIT licensing
  • NEW EX_Y_Sample_TC03 –  Type Y declaration with AEO authorisation
  • NEW EX_Z_Sample_TC01 – Type Z declaration

The CDS Programme will continue to iterate on the XML sample messages as additional functionality is released into CDS Trade Test.

TTM6.2.0 Known Error Log (KEL) – the KEL has been updated to remove the errors from previous milestones that are resolved in this release, as well as to include new errors identified through our testing of TTM6.1.0. These updates will also be made to the KEL on the online forum.

The following known errors from the TTM6.1.0 KEL are now resolved

KEL ID 002

o   Declaration is accepted and duties are correctly calculated if the VAT code is incorrectly entered in DE 6/17, rather than DE 6/16.

KEL ID 049

o   DMSREJ is inconsistently returning the SequenceNumeric element for repeating elements where a SequenceNumeric should always be provided. Beginning in TTM6.0.0, where there is only one instance of an element, a SequenceNumeric should not be returned in the rejection notification and the DMSREJ should never include a SequenceNumeric of 0. However, there remain some instances where SequenceNumeric is not provided for a repeating element.

The following are NEW known errors

  • KEL ID 052 (Amendments)

o   Amendment is not successfully applied when a valid amendment message is submitted for the following types of amendment: Amend Licence, Amend Value, Amend CPC, Amend Currency, Amend Consignee/Consignor, Delete Item, Amend Preference.

  • KEL ID 058 (Exports – Workaround)

o   Declaration is incorrectly rejected when country of destination is declared at Header level only. To ensure Exports declarations are processed successfully, country of destination should be declared at the item-level.

  • KEL ID 062 (Inventory Linking)

o   Null amendment to override the 1 hour wait timer is incorrectly rejected following a negative inventory match on a Type A declaration only. The second expected UKCIUM message is received once the 1 hour wait timer has elapsed, rather than as a response to the null amendment. Null amendments are correctly processed (and so can be tested) for Type C declarations.

  • KEL ID 072 (Processing Failure)

o   An internal processing error occurs in the calculation step when a declaration is submitted under a procedure or declaration category where Item Price/Amount (DE 4/14) is not required for the declaration. This applies to declaration category, H2, which does not include DE 4/14. If a declaration is submitted without the element ItemChargeAmount, a DMSACC will be received, but no further notifications.

please keep in mind that CDS Trade Test is a test system and, while every effort has been made to ensure the KEL and other documentation are comprehensive, if you do encounter any issues, please continue to raise these via the SDST keeping in mind that trade test is currently supported from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding UK bank holidays.

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