TTM6.1.0 is Live and Ready for Testing.

HMRC have proven the TTM6.1.0 deployment end-to-end by submitting XML sample messages into CDS from v2.0 of the API and have confirmed that all expected notifications were received.

Included are:

  • TTM release functionality
  • TTM Scenarios
  • TTM Test data Cover Sheet
  • XML Samples
  • KEL (known error log) update

The following functionality is available as part of the TTM6.1.0 release, :

  • Separation of DMSTAX and DMSCLE notifications for all declaration types and payment methods
  • Unhappy path imports inventory linking (without amendments)
  • Removal of workarounds on inventory-linked submissions
  • Submission of declaration Types A, B, D, E

Note there is an emerging defect that remains under investigation which may impact value build-up in some scenarios. HMRC continue to investigate the nature of this defect and the KEL will be updated once this is better understood.

The provisional date for the CDS Tariff Download Service is now week commencing 4th March, 2019.

To support your testing in TTM6.1.0, please find attached a number of supporting documents.

  •  TTM6.1.0 Scenarios – this provides a high-level summary of the test scenarios enabled by this release. This follows the same format as the new document released to support TTM6.0.0. If you have any further comments on the scope documentation, please let us know. CDS_Trade_Test_Milestone_6_Scenarios_V2_0 SP
  •  TTM6.1.0 Test Data Cover Sheet – there has been no change to the test data since this document was issued on 11th February, but the version numbers have been updated for this release. TTM6-1 Cover Sheet Test_Data_190226_v_2-2

XML Samples – A new XML sample has been produced for TTM6.1.0, alongside updated versions of the samples from previous milestones.

Cancellation_Sample_TC01 has been updated to reintroduce the amendment reason text to reflect the resolution of KEL ID 043. This version of the XML Samples includes Z_Sample_TC01, which was previously impacted by KEL ID 044. The scenario documents for Z_Sample_TC01 – TC03 have also been updated in response to feedback.

In addition, Y_Sample_TC02 has been removed as the commodity code in the scenario requires an external license which is not in scope for trade test. However, please note that the sample previously issued still represents a valid scenario and can be used to support your development for CDS.

All XML sample files include the associated response notifications. We apologise that the DMSTAX and DMSCLE notifications for the Type Y and Z Samples are consolidated, and do not reflect current functionality for TTM6.1.0. We will reissue these samples with consolidated DMSTAX and DMSCLE notifications for TTM6.2.0.

The XML samples for TTM6.1.0 are as follows: (see also the previous TTM news item)

  • IVL_Sample_TC01 – Inventory linked pre-lodged Type F declaration followed by arrival of the goods, includes all CSP notifications
  • NEW IVL_Sample_TC02 – Inventory linked pre-lodged Type F declaration with an inventory mismatch and revalidation, includes all CSP notifications
  • F_Sample_TC01 – Standalone pre-lodged Type F declaration
  • C_Sample_TC01 – Standalone simplified Type C declaration
  • Y_Sample_TC01 – Type Y declaration with value build-up, currency conversion, and preference of 300
  • Y_Sample_TC02 – Type Y declaration with value build-up and licensing
  • Y_Sample_TC03 – Type Y declaration with an ADD commodity and currency conversion
  • Y_Sample_TC04 – Type Y declaration with Onward Supply Relief (OSR)
  • Y_Sample_TC05 – Type Y declaration with invalid EORIs that generates a DMSREJ with CDS12005 and CDS12007 errors
  • Z_Sample_TC01 – Type Z declaration where the agent has standing authority to use the trader’s DAN
  • Z_Sample_TC02 – Type Z declaration with indirect representative and a FEC check
  • Z_Sample_TC03 – Type Z declaration with value build-up and a FEC check
  • Z_Sample_TC04 – Type Z declaration with Inward Processing (IP) suspension
  • Z_Sample_TC05 – Type Z aggregated supplementary declaration
  • Cancellation_Sample_TC01 – cancellation request for a Type Z declaration and associated CDS response

The CDS Programme will continue to iterate on the XML sample messages as additional functionality is released into CDS Trade Test.

TTM6.1.0 Known Error Log (KEL)  TT6-1_KEL_190226_JCJ_v_1

the KEL has been updated to remove the errors from previous milestones that are resolved in this release, as well as to include new errors identified through our testing of TTM6.1.0. These updates will also be made to the KEL on the online forum.

Please refer to the online forum for the latest updates against the Trade Test known errors.

The following known errors from the TTM6.0.1 KEL are now resolved.
KEL ID 006
Declaration is incorrectly accepted and cleared when an AI code (DE 2/2) is declared at Header level. AI codes should only be entered at the Item level. The declaration should be rejected when an AI code is declared at Header level.
KEL ID 013 (Inventory Linking)
A defect prevents the rejection of an inventory linked declaration following a negative response to the inventory matching request. While it is possible to make a negative response to the match request, the declaration remains in a registered state and continues to attempt revalidation. Because the declaration is never rejected, the only workaround is to cancel the declaration.
KEL ID 014 (Inventory Linking)
Declaration is incorrectly accepted and cleared following a negative response to the inventory match request. This only impacts 'unhappy path' inventory linking scenarios. A positive response to the inventory match request is processed successfully with all notifications received.
KEL ID 015 (Inventory Linking)
An inventory linked declaration is not successfully processed with all notifications received unless the MUCR is declared at both the Header and Item level on the declaration. This contradicts the end-state requirement, where MUCR is only required at the Header level on an inventory linked declaration.
KEL ID 016 (Inventory Linking)
There is a mapping defect that prevents the Total Packages (DE 6/18) from being mapped into the inventory matching request. Instead, the package amount in the inventory match is mapped to Package Quantity (DE 6/10). As a workaround, the total package quantity should be entered in the first instance of DE 6/10 at the Item level, as well as in DE 6/18 at Header level. The value from the first instance of 6/10 (Declaration/GoodsShipment/GovernmentAgencyGoodsItem/Packaging/QuantityQuantity) will be returned in the inventory match request.
KEL ID 017 (Inventory Linking)
The clearance notification is not received on an inventory linked Type F declaration for which the goods arrival is notified using the Goods Arrival notification. The workaround is to include the (optional) data element 'BorderTransportMeans/RegistrationNationalityCode' at the Header level on the initial Type F declaration whilst the issue is being investigated.
KEL ID 037 (Inventory Linking)
CSP declaration status notifications for inventory linked declarations are currently being returned with a SOAP header. This will be resolved in a future release where the status notifications will be returned without a SOAP header, in line with other notifications produced by the CDS system.
KEL ID 041
Declaration is incorrectly rejected where document code N934 is omitted from the declaration where Valuation Method 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 is entered in the declaration. Similarly, where N934 is declared the declaration will be incorrectly rejected unless Valuation Method of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 is entered. Document code N934 should only be mandatory if instructed to complete a form DV1 by Customs. As a workaround until a fix is released, document N934 should be included on the declaration in these scenarios.
KEL ID 050
When a declaration is submitted using a deferment account number that does not exist in the database (i.e. not found in the Test Data Cover Sheet for Trade Test), CDS experiences an error that causes processing of the declaration to fail and no notifications are received.
KEL ID 051 (Inventory Linking)
Inventory match request for pre-lodged declarations submitted did not include the H prefix within the ROE field <n1:roe>H0</n:1roe>. This was incorrectly returned as <n:1roe>0<n:1roe>. This defect has now been resolved and the H prefix should be returned on the inventory match request for all pre-lodged declarations (Declaration Type = D, E, F).

Please keep in mind that CDS Trade Test is a test system and, while every effort has been made to ensure the KEL and other documentation are comprehensive, if you do encounter any issues, please continue to raise these via the SDST keeping in mind that trade test is currently supported from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding UK bank holidays.

CDS_Trade_Test_Milestone_6_Scenarios_V2_0 SP

TTM6-1 Cover Sheet Test_Data_190226_v_2-2



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