TTM5.1 release delayed

TTM5.1 has been further delayed until October 31 2018.  A number of factors have impacted the current timelines:

  • Redesign of the imports inventory linking solution, which required substantial rework of completed features. 
  • A new defect identified in the core DMS product.
  • Constraints in provisioning new CDS environments both for internal and external testing.
  • Ongoing challenges with the stability of TTM5.0.

 The CDS programme has decided to take an incremental approach to the release of inventory linking into trade test. The first release, which will be called TTM5.1 and is the 31st of October, will enable initial testing of inventory linking declaration. Subsequent releases will be scheduled to resolve the defect mentioned and upgrade the trade test environment.

 It is expected that this incremental delivery approach balances the need to provide a test service that allows you to begin validating your inventory systems and frontier declaration capabilities while also allowing the programme to resolve its ongoing challenges.

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