TTM5.0 XML Trader Package

We have been working to resolve the issues you have experienced with the TTM5.0 XMLs. We are now attaching updated and tested  XML messages (in both XML and .txt format), corresponding Trade Notifications and accompanying business scenarios in Word format for the following 2 scenarios:

  •  Removal of goods from a customs warehouse using EIDR where the declarant is an indirect representative (TC27)
  • Removal of goods from a customs warehouse using EIDR, with value build up (TC39)

This XML documentation is only to support testing in TTM5.0. (TC06 and TC26) 

Smart Error Messages seen in the DMSACC notifications for TC27 and TC39 have not yet been issued.  These messages are associated with Front End Credibility functionality and are currently being refined. This is new functionality in TTM5.0 and will be introduced in Live in Release 2.  Further details will be issued on how to handle these messages before this functionality is introduced in Live.

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