TTM XML sample testing updates

Following feedback on the XML sample messages issued for TTM4.2 on 31st July some discrepancies remained.

 As a result revised sample XML Type Z declarations for procedure codes 40 00 and 40 71 have been created with corresponding sample notifications, as per request. These notifications are the DMSACC (Notification) and consolidated DMSTAX/DMSCLE (Notification 2). These messages have been reviewed by both technical and policy HMRC experts for assurance.

 When submitting declarations in TTM4.2, please keep in mind the following guidance: 

  • The EORI has been removed from these XML samples.
  • Add EORI details for the Declarant and Importer.
  • Add EORI details in the ID field for each authorisation declared in DE 3/39 (e.g. AEOCGB025115100000 or CGUGB025115100000).
  • Continue to follow previous guidance regarding DE 2/3 and DE 3/39.
  • Both sample messages assume the EORI used has a CCG waiver.
  • Accordingly DE 2/3 has been completed with the document code 505N, which is a temporary National Code created to indicate a CCG waiver during TTM4, TTM5, and Release 1.
  • Depending on the EORI choosen to use for each test you run, be advised that it may also be necessary to adjust DE 2/3, DE 3/39, and DE 8/2 accordingly. 

The only EORI that is CCG authorised during TTM4.2 is GB025115100001 (CCG authorisation number: GBCGU123456789820180502081507). When using this EORI, DE 2/3 should be completed with C505 and DE 8/2 should be changed from 0 to 1. 

  • Be advised that, as validation of the deferment account and guarantee are not yet in scope for trade test, the trade test service currently requires Obligation Guarantee: 99828183 and DAN: 1234567.
  • Be sure to use these values for all tests submitted in TTM4.2.

Please note that these declaration scenarios will remain valid for TTM5. However, as additional validation rules will be deployed in TTM5.0, the values for some fields – such as the guarantee reference number and DAN – may change. Guidance regarding the data to be used for declarations submitted during TTM5.0 will be issued as part of the trade test pack before TTM5.0 is deployed.

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