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We would like to update you on the upcoming Trade Test release, TTM10.2.0, currently planned for Thursday 28th May.

The target scope of this release includes:

  • Use of badge or EORI for movements, consolidations, and queries via Inventory Linking Exports API
  • Amend and Cancel a Declaration where an Electronic Licence has been declared (Imports)
  • View declaration status & history via DUCR, UCN (MCR), or UCR
  • Enhancements to the processing of controls to include refusal of cancellation under control and delayed control responses
  • Refresh of Tariff data to closely align to CDS Live Production Tariff data

Please note, the above scope is subject to completion of our internal testing.

The outage communication, which is due to be issued by the 20th May, will provide an update on any movement in this scope, along with confirmation of the Trade Test outage timeframe required to deliver these changes.

There are also 5 Known Errors that, subject to passing successful testing, will be resolved as part of this Trade Test release. The KEL due to be uploaded within the Google Drive on Monday 18th May 2020, will confirm the 5 KELs to be resolved as part of this May release, and successful resolution will further be confirmed on the communications issued on the 28th May, following the Trade test release.

These are all the documents you’ve already received that cover the functionality in this release:

  • Codelist & WCO Reference
  • Declaration Information Service Document
  • Technical Completion Matrix for Imports
  • Technical Completion Matrix for Exports
  • Inventory Linking Exports API specification

You have also recently received the following documents in response to your queries:

  • Inventory Linking Imports Service Design
  • Inventory Linking Exports Service Design
  • CDS Seal Guidance Document
  • CDS Guidance for Developers – Validation for Authorisation

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