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Please find attached an updated Trade Test roadmap which outlines the scope of recently completed releases, as well as a forward look of upcoming scope until August 2020.

The next Trade Test release, TTM10.2.0, is planned for next week. The outage for the TTM10.2.0 implementation is expected to begin at 9am on Wednesday 27th May and continue until Thursday 28th May.CDS_Trade Test_Roadmap 20200520

This release continues to target delivery of the following scope, subject to final completion of our internal testing:

  • Use of badge or EORI for movements, consolidations, and queries via Inventory Linking Exports API
  • Amend and Cancel a Declaration where an Electronic Licence has been declared (Imports)
  • View declaration status & history via DUCR, UCN (MCR), or UCR
  • Enhancements to the processing of controls to include refusal of cancellation under control and delayed control responses
  • Refresh of Tariff data to closely align to CDS Live Production Tariff data

The following Known Errors (KEL IDs) are also expected to be addressed as part of TTM10.2.0, subject to completion of our internal testing:

KEL 96, KEL 176, KEL 207, KEL 232, KEL 237, KEL 240, KEL 253, KEL 256, KEL 257 & KEL 258

Details of these KEL IDs can be found in the KEL published in the Google Drive on Monday 18th May. An updated Known Error Log will also be issued with the TTM10.2.0 Release communications next week confirming all those that have successfully been resolved as part of TTM10.2.0.

Please also be aware that Procedure code ‘42’ is being temporarily withdrawn from TTM10.2.0 and Onward Supply Relief (OSR) is not currently supported in Trade Test whilst other updates are being made to the system. We are working to re-enable OSR as soon as possible.

We will send a further communication confirming the outage on Tuesday 26th May.

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