Known Error Log (KEL) for TTM6.0.0.

The Known Error Log (KEL) for TTM6.0.0.  has been updated to remove the errors from previous milestones that are resolved in this release, as well as to include new errors identified through testing of TTM6.0.0. This new KEL will be added to the online forum.

Please refer to the online forum for the latest updates against these known errors.

The following known errors from the TTM5.1 KEL are now resolved.

KEL ID 005

The declaration is incorrectly accepted and cleared when it includes a duplicated additional code or a duplicate additional goods item. In both instances, the declaration should be rejected and a CDS40007 error message should be received.

KEL ID 025

When a declaration triggers a validation failure with the Charges Deduction Type Code and the declaration is rejected, the pointer in DMSREJ notification does not indicate whether it is referring to the first or second instance of the charges.

KEL ID 036

During TTM5.1, cancellation messages must include the element Declaration/Submitter in the body of the cancellation message. This should be populated with the EORI of the party making the submission. In addition, all Submitter elements (e.g. Name, Address) that were provided on the declaration must also be included in the cancellation message. This applies to both CSP and non-CSP cancellation messages. Both of these are expected to be resolved in the next functional release into Trade Test.

The following should further be noted with regards to the Submitter:

  • Submitter is an optional element within the WCO Declaration Schema and therefore is not required within the declaration submission. We would advise against including this element on declaration submissions.
  • All CSP-initiated additional messages (goods arrival, cancellation, amendment), must include the Submitter in the API header of the message. This should be populated with the EORI of the Declarant or Agent who initiated the submission. This is an end-state requirement and will not change once this known error is resolved.

KEL ID 040

Declaration is incorrectly rejected when certain Additional Information statement codes are entered in DE 2/2 with a valid StatementDescription as per the instructions in Appendix 4: DE 2/2: Additional Information Statement Codes of the UK Trade Tariff.  This impacts the following Additional Information statement codes: 00100, 00200, 00300, 00400, 00600, CAP10, CAP11, ECONR, ECONE, GEN45, GEN49, IRQ0B, MIB01, POD06, ROY01, ROY02, PRO07, PRO08, RPTID. This is due to incorrect reference data in the CDS core system. As a workaround, the StatementDescription should be removed from all instances of these codes.

KEL ID 042

Declaration status notifications sent to the CSP for inventory linked declarations show a ROE code of 0 (Risking not complete; No Controls) rather than a ROE code of 6 (Risking complete; No Controls). It is expected behaviour during this phase of Trade Test that all declaration status notifications will indicate that there have been No Controls as documentary and physical controls are not yet in scope.

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