CDS 03 Declaration Technical Completion Matrix

The CDS 03 Declaration Technical Completion Matrix v3.19 181206 DS updates are outlined below: 

  • EDIFACT column name of D.E. 7/9 updated from TRPT-ID-INLD to TRPT-ID / TRPT-ID-INLD
  • Additional supply chain actor(s) identification No. - Identifier updated from O to D
  • Procedure Category Derivation for C21 added        
  • D.E. 3/9, 3/10 and 5/12 removed from the document as not applicable for Imports                
  • Declaration Type (D.E. 1/1) for all H5 procedure categories updated to CO on the Procedure Category Derivation tab        
  • Applicable codelist added to Commodity Code - CUS Code
  • Internal Currency Unit removed as not applicable for Imports Declarations
  • Format of Location of Goods - Additional Identifier updated from an17 to n..3
  • Codelist for Additional Information - Code updated from SpecialMentionTypes to ImportSpecialMentions

 This will also be available on Google Drive in the folder 03 Customs Declaration.

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