CDS 01 and CDS 03 Documentation

Ahead of the planned deployment of new exports functionality into Trade Test in July 2019, please find links to the the baselined versions of the following documentation:-

CDS 01 Inventory Linking Exports Service Design v1.5 :-
This document defines the inventory linking processing for a frontier export declaration. It provides the over-arching process and the message content for each of the transactions.

This will also be available on Google Drive in the folder CDS 01 Inventory Linking Exports.

CDS 03 Declaration Technical Completion Matrix for Exports v2.0 :-
The key updates are as follows:

  • adding columns for obligation of B2, B4 and C1 declarations
  • editing obligation of Data Elements for B1, as per the above features
  • adding "or" to some entries in the Header/Item column, to denote that the data element should be entered at one or the other, but not both, levels
  • renaming of some codelists
  • introducing "1:x" to the cardinality column to denote "x of this child field to each instance of the parent field"
  • introducing "NA" (not allowed) to mean that a declaration containing this field will be rejected
  • introducing "M*" to denote a field that is Mandatory if its parent field is provided.
  • adding subfields to better reflect DE structure
  • edits to Procedure Category Derivations, and reformatting the table for ease of understanding

This will also be available on Google Drive in the folder CDS 03 Customs Declaration.

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