Updated and tested XML messages

Listed below are updated and tested  XML messages (in both XML and .txt format), corresponding Trade Notifications and accompanying business scenarios in Word format for the following scenarios:

  •  Removal of goods from a customs warehouse using EIDR where the declarant is an indirect representative (TC27)
  • Removal of goods from a customs warehouse using EIDR, with value build up (TC39)
  • Removal of goods from a customs warehouse using EIDR where the declarant has standing authority to use the trader’s DAN (TC26)
  • 2 goods item declaration, where each goods item is declared with a different procedure code (4000 000 and 4071 000), which hits a combination of FEC challenges (TC06)

 Please only use this XML documentation to support your testing in TTM5.0 moving forwards. Please note that the notifications have been generated in a test environments using slightly different test data from the trade test environment so these may not match exactly the notifications received in trade test once the issue mentioned above has been resolved.

 The attached XML messages have been pre-populated with EORI and DAN information that can be used in the trade test environment. If you are adapting these messages to submit different declaration scenarios in the trade test environment, please refer to the test data guidance in the TTM5.0 Pack and other technical documentation issued by HMRC.

Trade Test Pack TC06 v4

Trade Test Pack TC26 v4

Trade Test Pack TC27 v4

Trade Test Pack TC39 v4

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