CDS – ILE Dual Running Service Design Document

The baselined version of the  CDS ILE Dual Running Service Design Document has been updated with your queries and feedback.

Key Updates:-

  • Corrected SOE values mapping between CHIEF and CDS
  • SOE mapping section simplified with new priority tables and separate CDS values table
  • Although it is CDS-ILE only functionality, for completeness we have included RET(Retrospective Arrival) and QUE (Query Requests) process flows
  • The change in delivery approach is reflected in the document
    • There will now only be a single release for CDS-ILE Dual running from HMRC rather than a two Phase Release as planned earlier
    • This does not affect the way CSP/Software Developers were planned for ILE dual running migration and dual running
    • Phase 1 is now referred to as CSP migration Phase and Phase 2 is referred to as CDS-ILE Dual Running Phase

The document will also be available on Google Drive in the following folder: CDS 01 Inventory Linking Exports.

Further Questions

Should you have any Trade Test queries or other questions relating to your product development, you can contact the HMRC dedicated Software Developers Support Team mailbox. Queries received through this mailbox are addressed using a triage system to ensure resolution by the Policy, IT and Project Teams.

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