EMCS Shipping Mark Field

The Shipping Mark field is a new optional feature under the ‘Package’ details section which allows for products on two or more item lines that have been consolidated into one or more packages.

 Where different line items have been consolidated into the same packaging, then the number of packages on a line item can be set to ‘0’. There must then be at least one other associated line item with the same ‘Shipping Mark’. Additionally, one (or more) of the associated line items must have the number of packages greater than ‘0’. Note that the cumulative number of packages from the item lines, which have been associated should match the actual number of consolidated packages concerned.

 Otherwise, the Shipping Mark field is optional when the package number on a product item line is set to 1 or above (for non-consolidated line items).

Please note that the go live date for EMCS FS3.4 Phase 1 is at 23:00 on 12 February 2020 as stated at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/excise-movement-and-control-system-emcs-service-availability-and-issues/emcs-service-availability-and-issues and not 22:00 as HMRC had previously advised.

Further Questions

Should you have any Trade Test queries or other questions relating to your product development, you can contact the HMRC dedicated Software Developers Support Team mailbox. Queries received through this mailbox are addressed using a triage system to ensure resolution by the Policy, IT and Project Teams.

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