EMCS FS3.4 Phase 1- Type of Document Codelist

The Type of Document information as referred to under DDNEA-P3-269 of the EU Commission’s Release Scope Document is ‘an..4’ (acceptable value is a four-digit alpha numeric) and refers to BC106 in section 2.27 of Appendix B in the FESS. For reference, the original codelist was ‘n..2’ (two-digit numeric) with a value range from 1-18. While these values remain, this codelist has now been extended and now contains 24 additional 4-character codes starting with an alpha character and three numerical digits.

The initial FS3.4 version of this codelist that simply refers to the <TARIC Code>, which has now been modified. In addition to this the supporting IE734 has also been updated to this effect. 

HMRC hope this provides you with the relevant information so this can be implemented in your software.

The go live date is approaching: Phase 1, at 22:00 on 12 February 2020. As a matter of good practice, users on the EMCS service should make use of the advance movement functionality. This is HMRC standard advice in the approach to any downtime of the system. If you have not already done so, HMRC suggest that you promote the use of advance movements in case some of your customers have not seen the EMCS service page.

Further Questions

Should you have any Trade Test queries or other questions relating to your product development, you can contact the HMRC dedicated Software Developers Support Team mailbox. Queries received through this mailbox are addressed using a triage system to ensure resolution by the Policy, IT and Project Teams.

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