CDS – Query Log v1.0 and Query Submission template v1.4

HMRC are developing an Answered Queries Log (AQL) to provide visibility of queries raised across the developer community and HMRC’s response. The log contains categories against each query to enable you to search and filter on a theme.

HMRC have reviewed all developer queries received since Trade Test Release 8.1.0 to identify those that might be suitable for inclusion in the log and asked for your permission to share these queries and our responses.

Following further feedback from developers they also plan to include unanswered queries in the log.

The log will now be called the Query Log (QL).

 Currently they do not have individual developer's permission to share unanswered queries. To provide you with visibility of wider developer queries as quickly as possible they will now publish the QL in 2 iterations:

  1. Query Log v1.0 contains permissible answered queries received since Trade Test Release 8.1.0 up to 6 December 2019.

This log is now available for you to view on the Trade Test Google Drive in the CDS Supporting Documentation folder.

  1. Query Log v2.0 will contain permissible answered queries received since Trade Test Release 8.1.0 up to 5 February 2020, and all permissible unanswered queries up to 5 February 2020.

 In order to complete QL v2.0, HMRC will contact you soon to ask for your permission to share:

  • answered queries between 7 December 2019 and 5 February 2020 
  • any unanswered queries

 Once QL v2.0 is published, HMRC will continue to update it regularly with any queries you consent to us sharing wider. 

For any new queries you raise please make sure you tick the appropriate box on the CDS Query Submission Template v1.4 to indicate if you are content for your query to be added to the QL. We will not publish queries where you have not specifically provided your consent.

Following the changes to the log the wording in the ‘Consent to Share’ section is simplified in the CDS Query Submission Template to ensure your consent covers both answered and unanswered queries. To aid with  query prioritisation priority definitions have been developed, which are on the second page of the template, you should apply the relevant criteria to each of your queries. Going forward please use the CDS Query Submission Template v1.4.

In conjunction with the CDS Trade Test FAQs, HMRC trust that the QL will be a useful source of information that will assist your development work in support of CDS.  

Further Questions

Should you have any Trade Test queries or other questions relating to your product development, you can contact the HMRC dedicated Software Developers Support Team mailbox. Queries received through this mailbox are addressed using a triage system to ensure resolution by the Policy, IT and Project Teams.

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