TTM8.0.1 Outage & Issue Update

The outage for the TTM8.1.0 implementation is expected to begin at 17:30 on Tuesday 3rd September and continue until Thursday 5th September. An issue has been identified  TTM8.1.0 will include:

  • Enhancements to CDS error codes
  • Goods blocked under control for Imports and Exports
  • Imports submission of Type J & K declarations (further procedure codes)
  • Imports quota scenarios
  • Exports submission of Type J & K declarations
  • Exports handling of reprocessing errors (limited scenarios)
  • Exports excise movements

 Further detail will be provided in the release documentation

Maximum number of  items on a customs declaration

To align with Union Customs Code, CDS (when fully implemented) will allow a maximum of 999 items on a customs declaration instead of the current 99 items on CHIEF.

 However to ensure we have a stable platform HMRC will be restricting the number of items per declaration to 99 until further notice. You should therefore progress your system development to comply with 99 items.

As part of ongoing development HMRC are continuing testing on 99 items for both live and test declarations to identify any constraints within that figure. They will address any fixes  and will notify any constraints found. Submission of a declaration over 99 items will result in a rejection (DMSREJ) with an obligation error.  

Non Returned Notifications

An issue has been identified with the CDS Trade Test service whereby notifications are not being returned.

Further Questions

Should you have any Trade Test queries or other questions relating to your product development, you can contact the HMRC dedicated Software Developers Support Team mailbox. Queries received through this mailbox are addressed using a triage system to ensure resolution by the Policy, IT and Project Teams.

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