TTM6.0.1. Fixes and update

A defect fix has been implemented in the Trade Test environment. The service is now running on version TTM6.0.1. 

 TTM6.0.1 resolves KEL ID 044: Declaration is incorrectly rejected in a direct representation scenario. If the agent is authorised to use the DAN owned by the importer (function code = 2), the declaration should be accepted and cleared.

The TT6-0_KEL_190211_EB_v_2 to remove this defect. The KEL will continue to be updated via the online forum.

 To support this fix, there has also been an update to the test data used for Trade Test.

 The updated cover sheet, TTM6-0 Cover Sheet Test_Data_190211_v_2-1, has the following changes:

  • ADD EORI GB553202734852 with associated DAN 1108654
  • ADD EORI GB603202734852 with the authority to use DAN 1108654
  • ADD authorisation ID numbers to support the two new EORIs (see Section 3)
  • ADD column “Validity Start Date” for the authorisation ID numbers, as per our communication on 01/02/2019

Updated XML Sample Messages includes Z_Sample_TC01, which was previously impacted by KEL ID 044. The test data used in Y_Sample_TC04 has also been updated to reflect the changes outlined above.

 The other samples have not been amended in this version.









Note that the first line of Y_Sample_TC04_Relief_OSR_Payload_v1.3 was removed as it would not upload to the ACITA website for security reasons. You may need to add it back:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>






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