CDS Bulk Data File API update


CDS Bulk Data File API update

Please be advised that a new Tariff yearly extract file (tariff_yearlyExtract_v1_20191121T232442.gzip) aligned with the EU Tariff as per the current production service is available now to you via the Tariff Download Service. 

This file fixes issues you may have seen with the current service, namely missing goods nomenclature descriptions in all extracts.

You will be able to use the daily files from Monday the 25th of November and the monthly files from December in conjunction with the new extract provided.

Please note that previous initial extracts, monthly and daily files (with the missing goods nomenclature descriptions) and D1ND extract “tariff_yearlyExtract_v1_20191023T164157.gzip” will still be available via the Tariff Download service after this new yearly extract is issued. These files should not be used in conjunction with the new yearly extract tariff_yearlyExtract_v1_20191121T232442.gzip.

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