Trade Test service Update

HMRC have released information about incidents in July and August communicated by SDST.

These incidents may have impacted your use of the Trade Test service on 25th July, 30th July, and 2nd August and HMRC apologise for the inconvenience these may have caused.

 These three incidents were not connected and were resolved as quickly as possible by the programme.

 1.     25/07 – delayed notifications. This was caused by a transient AWS issue in one of their availability zones, which caused the link between an internal CDS work queue and the Risk service to suspend. This issue was resolved on 25th July and a change has been made to ensure the connection restarts itself in future.

Resumption of service communicated on 26th July.

2.     30/07 – no notifications. This was the result of an issue with the security certificates used within CDS. This was resolved on 30th July. However, the security certificates are currently applied by our engineers and have to be replaced as they expire. We are looking to introduce automatic secure credential management using an industry leading security management solution. This feature should be introduced in this financial year.

Resumption of service communicated on 30th July.

3.     02/08 – 500-series errors on gateway submission. This was the result of an issue with the load balancer between two parts of the CDS service. The issue was resolved on 2nd August and the configuration has been changed to enable the service to automatically recover.

Resumption of service communicated on 5th August.

Please note that the issues encountered in Trade Test did not impact CDS live traders.

HMRC understand that stability issues in the Trade Test environment disrupt your CDS development. However they have been logged and appropriate mitigations put in place. HMRC are continuing to actively monitor the CDS services, and the programme continues to identify and implement infrastructure improvements for both the test and live CDS services.

Please continue to raise any queries or issues you encounter in CDS Trade Test to the mailbox.

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