CDS Feedback required before June 8th

Following the CDS presentation and discussion at the National meeting recently, there were a number of items that members wanted to see included in the new system. ACITA will submit a list of such requirements to the HMRC team but before we do please could you let us know what, apart from the general declaration processing capabilities, additional features and functionality you would find beneficial and assist you in ensuring better compliance and control of your customs processes more efficiently.

Some suggestions already made include:

1)      Electronic C79s – This would reduce the time for input tax recovery and would reduce the risk of postal delays. Delivery could be either by email or by the government gateway system

2)      Direct trade access to MSS data – This would allow a trader to pull a specific report for a timescale and also to manage customs compliance in real-time

3)      Smart filtering for CPC codes – This would mean that a trader would simply not be able to enter or exit a commodity code to a procedure if not authorised. The Irish customs declaration system already does this

4)      Active monitoring of guarantees – This would be a real-time monitoring of deferment accounts and potential duty guarantees. If there is not capacity within a business’ authorisation, it would not be able to make an import using the guarantee

5)      Official evidence sent direct to the trader – In order to zero-rate exports for VAT purposes, a trader should keep “official evidence” that the goods have departed the EU. This official evidence is sent to the declarant, but is needed by the consignor in order to support its zero-rating. A suggestion is the system stores an email address for all traders, and then emails the official evidence to both the declarant and the consignor.  

Please send your suggestions to the secretariat by June 8th  and we will submit to the CDS meeting on behalf of ACITA Members.

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