CDS Documentation Update

CDS documentation has been updated ahead of the planned deployment of new functionality into Trade Test in July 2019, below are the baselined versions of the following documentation:-

CDS 03 Declaration Technical Completion Matrix v3.29:-

This document has been updated with the following changes:

  • Description of Location of Goods - Identification of location  updated from a numeric identifier to an alphanumeric identifier
  • Updated Procedure Category for C21IEIDR
  • Added header rows for D.E 6/13 - 6/17
  • Added guidance to advise D.E. 1/1, D.E. 1/2 and D.E. 2/5 cannot be amended
  • Updated to include procedure categories C21I and C21I EIDR
  • Updated Procedure Category Derivation tab for C21I and C21IEIDR
  • Updated 'Header and / or Item Level' column to show whether Data Element can be declared at both levels or only one

CDS 03 CDS Codelists and WCO References v1.34-

This document has been updated with the following changes

  • Added error code CDS20003
  • Deleted 505N

 Both documents will also be available on Google Drive in the folder CDS 03 Customs Declaration

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