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The EU Exit Business Readiness Bulletin is aimed at keeping trade associations, business representative bodies and business intermediaries up to date on the latest information and guidance for business on the UK exiting the EU. The objective of this Bulletin is to signpost you to tools and resources to help you and your members prepare for Exit from the EU.

Below is the latest Bulletin. Included are links to subscribe, respond or be involved.

Last Thursday, 11th April, the EU Exit Business Readiness Forum covered updates from the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) and from the Head of Business Finance at BEIS. The slides from the event are in the attached document. Please share these with your business networks and members. A summary of UKEF’s consultation on foreign content policy is being developed and will be included in next week’s bulletin.

The next Forum will take place on Thursday 16th May and further detail on the content will be circulated nearer the time. For organisations unable to attend in person, there is now an option to participate in the Forums remotely via WebEx video conferencing. Invites will be sent to relevant organisations under separate cover.

If you have views about what it would be useful for the forums to focus on at future meetings, we would very much like to hear from you to help shape our future programme. We would also appreciate your views on whether you would like to see physical forum meetings continued or whether we should focus on WebEx remote meetings. Please email with your suggestions and views.

NEW - Latest Position on the EU Exit Timetable
Concluding the 10th April Special European Council, the PM agreed with the EU27 leaders an extension to the EU Exit process. The key points are that:

  • The UK and the EU27 have agreed to grant a flexible extension of the Article 50 period for six months to 31 October;
  • If we are able to pass a deal in the first three weeks of May, the UK will not have to participate in European Parliament elections, and the UK will officially leave the EU on Saturday 1 June.
  • If the UK has not ratified the Withdrawal Agreement by the 22 May 2019, and continues to be a member after this date, then the UK must hold European Parliamentary Elections. If the UK chooses not to hold these elections, the withdrawal will take place on 1 June 2019.
  • If the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified by both parties before 31 October, the extension would be terminated (withdrawal would take place on the first day of the following month);
  • The agreement also includes a “take stock” moment at the 20-21 June European Council;
  • During this time, the UK will continue sincere cooperation as a full Member State with all the relevant rights and obligations;
  • HMG has agreed this extension through a letter from Sir Tim Barrow to Donald Tusk.

The PM confirmed in her press conference that further talks will take place between the Government and the Opposition to seek a way forward on EU Exit.

Tools & Resources

NEW - FCO Communications Pack on UK Travellers to the EU
FCO have published a communications pack for partners on UK Travellers to the EU. This strand of the campaign aims to reach British people to:

  • inform them that EU Exit could affect their travel
  • encourage them to find official information on and take appropriate action before they travel.

We will update this pack as information develops. Please do regularly check that you have the latest version, which will always be available to view or download from this link: UK Travellers to the EU

NEW - Cross Government Communications Toolkit on Travelling to the UK after EU Exit
Cross Government communications toolkit published on travelling to the UK after EU Exit which is now available for partners to use. The aim of the campaign is to:
Reassure EU citizens that they can continue to travel to the UK;
Direct travellers to the UK towards to understand what will and will not change;
Encourage travellers to take action to prepare for these changes.

The communications toolkit sets out the main areas of policy for travellers to the UK, and the range of digital communications products you can use to engage with your customers and stakeholders on these areas. We will update this pack as information develops. Please do regularly check that you have the latest version, which will always be available to view or download from this link: Travelling to the UK after EU Exit

Recent Announcements

Importing and Exporting

Workforce and People
NEW - The British Embassy in Dublin is providing updated information to UK nationals living in Ireland on the UK’s exit from the European Union: Information for UK Nationals Living in Ireland
NEW – Cross Government guidance published on recognition of professional qualifications: guidance for regulatory bodies: Recognition of Professional Qualifications Guidance for Regulatory Bodies
NEW – Cross Government guidance published on visiting Europe after Brexit: Visit Europe after Brexit
Cross Government guidance updated on visiting the UK after Brexit. Updates - To add information on school travellers entering the UK: Visiting the UK after Brexit
NEW – DCMS published guidance on mobile roaming after EU Exit: Mobile Roaming after EU Exit
HMPO updated guidance on passport rules for travel to Europe after Brexit. Updates - Guidance and link to checker tool: Passport Rules for Travel to Europe after Brexit
NEW - HO announced funding awarded to support vulnerable EU citizens apply for settled status: Funding Awarded to Support Vulnerable EU Citizens Apply for Settled Status
NEW - HO published guidance for applicants to the EU Settlement Scheme who are applying from abroad: EU Settlement Scheme Applying from Outside the UK
HO updated guidance on the EU Settlement Scheme, employer toolkit. Updates - Added Z card document on the EU Settlement Scheme overview for EU citizens in the UK. Updated to add social media graphics for Twitter and Facebook: EU Settlement Scheme Employer Toolkit
HO updated guidance on the EU Settlement Scheme, community leader’s toolkit. Updates - Added Z card document on the EU Settlement Scheme overview for EU citizens in the UK. Updated to add social media graphics for Twitter and Facebook: EU Settlement Scheme Community Leaders Toolkit
HO updated guidance on the EU Settlement Scheme Assisted Digital service. Updates - Assisted digital locations updated: EU Settlement Scheme Assisted Digital Service
HO updated guidance on example case studies: EU Settlement Scheme. Updates - Removes references to application fee: Example Case Studies EU Settlement Scheme

Energy & Climate
BEIS updated guidance on meeting climate change requirements if there’s no Brexit deal. Updates - The 2018 compliance deadline to surrender allowances for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is now 30 April 2019. The Carbon Emissions Tax will not be commencing on 15 April 2019. Further information on the implications of the extension for carbon pricing will be set out in due course: Meeting Climate Change Requirements if there is No Brexit Deal
BEIS updated guidance on shipping radioactive waste and spent fuel after Brexit. Updates - Added forms for shipments of radioactive waste and spent fuel: Shipping Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel after a No Deal Brexit

Intellectual Property
IPO updated guidance on changes to SPC and patent law if UK leaves the EU without a deal. Updates - A link to the Patents (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 legislation has been added to the guidance: SPC and Patent Law if UK Leaves the EU Without a Deal

EU & UK Funding
NEW - DfE published guidance to register to claim Erasmus+ and ESC funding from the government guarantee: Register to Claim Erasmus and ESC Funding from the Government Guarantee

NEW - DEXEU published a technical update to the Withdrawal Agreement: Technical Update to the Withdrawal Agreement
DEFRA updated guidance on pet travel to Europe after Brexit. Updates - Added a line about Day 1: Pet Travel to Europe after Brexit
You can sign up to receive email alerts about Brexit on Gov.UK: Brexit E-mail Alerts

Triage Tool has an online tool to help businesses prepare for the UK leaving the EU. Businesses can use the Triage Tool to find out:

  • what their business may need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU
  • what’s changing in their sector
  • information on specific rules and regulations
  • Businesses will need to answer 7 simple questions to get guidance relevant to their business.

Providing services to EEA and EFTA countries after EU Exit - Guidance for UK businesses on EU service provision if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.
If the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 with no deal, UK businesses will no longer operate under European Economic Area (EEA) regulations for the cross-border trade of services: Providing Services to EEA and EFTA Countries after EU Exit

BEIS Sector Primers
These sector primers aim to bring together on one webpage the top 3 – 5 issues for each sector and provide guidance. The primers link through to more detailed material elsewhere on A final batch have now been published, please could you pass on to stakeholders and ask them to cascade through their networks. The sectors covered are:

DEFRA Sector Primers

EU Exit: Business Intelligence and Engagement Team
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
15th April 2019
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