About the JCCC

Joint Customs Consultative Committee

The JCCC (Joint Customs Consultative Committee) was established in 1969 to provide a forum to exchange views and discuss proposed changes to Customs procedures and documentation relating to the entry and clearance of goods. It also gives the opportunity for HM Revenue & Customs to consider representations from the 20 member organisations representing major business sectors.

A number of smaller specialist sub-groups are used to discuss in-depth technical issues. These are convened as required and disbanded once their purpose is achieved.

There are four scheduled meetings of the JCCC each year, chaired by the Head of Customs and International Trade. JCCC members are kept up to date with developments by the issuing of the minutes of these meetings and of occasional Information Papers.

ACITA is an active member of the JCCC. and is represented by its Director General. Representatives on the sub-groups are drawn from the ACITA Committee members.

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