11 (05) Additional duty on goods from USA

Since May 2005, additional custom duties have been applied on the import of certain goods from the USA. This was a counter measure to what was commonly known as the ‘Byrd Amendment’.

This CIP, 11, contains updates to Customs Information Paper (CIP9) 2018 if you import certain goods from the USA from 1 May 2019

From 1 May 2019, the products listed will be subject to an additional customs duty rate of 0.001%. This is a decrease of the current additional rate which is 0.3%.

Goods affected

These are the goods which still attract the additional customs duty.

Code Description
0710 4000 20 Corn cobs (Zea Mays Saccharata) whether or not cut, with a diameter of 10mm or more, but not more than 20mm, for use in the manufacture of products of the food industry for treatment other than simple repacking
0710 4000 90 Other
6204 6231 10 Women’s or girl’s trousers and breeches of denim, hand-printed by the ‘batik’ method
6204 6231 90 Women’s or girl’s trousers and breeches of denim, other than hand printed by the ‘batik’ method
8705 1000 Crane lorries (excluding breakdown lorries)
9003 1900 40 Of base metal

Contact the VAT, excise and customs helpline (with the correct customs tariff classification code) to get the current rate of duty.

If you’re unsure of the classification code you can contact the Tariff Classification Team by email: Classification.enquiries@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk.

For information on the retaliatory rate of duties email: dutyliability.policy@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk.


Policy Duty Liability Team
10th Floor South East
Alexander House
Southend on Sea
SS99 1AA

Email: dutyliability.policy@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk

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