ACITA is an organisation that represents various importers, exporters, freight forwarders, customs brokers, consultants and other parties concerned in international trade. Given the diverse make-up of its membership, the ACITA’s Management Committee understands and respects the importance of impartiality and political neutrality in carrying out its activities in the interests of the membership.

 ACITA serves its membership without bias towards a particular political party or political ideal. Impartiality means neutrality, independence and objectivity, open-mindedness and even-handedness. This detachment does not mean apathy, indifference or unresponsiveness to industry challenges.

 Serving our memberships interest will involve engagement with entities that have differing views and attitudes towards international trade. We endeavour to ensure that such engagement is always both transparent and objective, and serves the interests of all members.


 The UK’s exit from the EU has the potential to create significant change to customs process & procedure, border formalities, VAT and regulatory regimes.

 Since the outcome of the referendum, ACITA’s aim has been to ensure that (from a Customs and regulatory perspective) the UK is operationally ready to trade with the European Union on day 1 post Brexit regardless of the outcome of the negotiations or the terms of any exit agreement.

 ACITA’s management team have engaged (and will continue to engage) with all relative departments and agencies across Government, EU Trade Associations, Think Tanks, and other interested parties in both the UK and the remaining EU 27 to achieve this objective.

ACITA, formed in the 1990s holds regular bilateral meetings with HM Revenue & Customs Directorate as well as being represented on many multilateral consultative committees.

To obtain more information about the Association, please contact the National Secretariat at the address below:

Registered Office:
20-22 Richfield Avenue
United Kingdom
Registered in England and Wales: 1921520

Tel: +44 (0)118 973 7533 

Email: admin@acita.org
Web: www.acita.org

Or by e-mail using our contact page

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