(17) 11 CETA Supplement to CIP 10

CETA did not go live on 1 July and that there is currently no indication as to when it will go live and preferential rates should not be claimed.  (more…)

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(17) 10 Trading between the EU and Canada

 This CIP includes an outline of the preferential arrangements and how to declare preferential imports on CHIEF. (more…)

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(17) 8 Export Control System EU upgrade 1 October 2017

The CHIEF Export RFC29 upgrade will be implemented at midnight on 30 September 2017. (more…)

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(17) 7 GSP beneficiary countries changes

The European Commission have published EU Regulation 2017/217 announcing changes to the GSP status of Tonga and Ukraine. (more…)

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(17) 2 Central Community Transit Office CCTO Address

The CCTO’s address has been updated. (more…)

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