TTM5.0 XML Sample messages

TTM5.0 XML Sample messages and the corresponding supporting scenario documentation are available to download: 04AW_E2E_CFSPZ_TC27  04AW_E2E_CFSPZ_TC39 E2E039.xml Type Z TC026.xml Type Z TC027.xml 04AW_E2E_CFSPZ_TC06 - FEC Check 04AW_E2E_CFSPZ_TC06.xml 04AW_E2E_CFSPZ_TC26  Scenario expected to hit a FEC Challenge – Free Circulation with no Previous Procedure(TC06) Type Z Out of Warehouse with Value Build Up (TC39) Type Z Out of Warehouse – Declarant is Indirect Representative (TC27) Type Z Out of Warehouse – Declarant has Standing Authority (TC26)  These will also be available on Google Drive folder CDS 03 Customs Declaration.  Please only use the latest XMLs to support your development.

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TTM5.1 Delay

Deployment of TTM5.1, which was provisionally scheduled for the w/c 24th September, is now being targeted for the w/c 15th October due to additional testing requirements. (more…)

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HMRC Stakeholder Engagement Research

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Stakeholder Engagement Research 2018 (more…)

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TTM5.0 XMLs Issues

HRMC has been working to resolve the issues with the TTM5.0 XMLs. Updated and tested  XML messages (in both XML and .txt format), corresponding Trade Notifications and accompanying business scenarios are now in Word format for the following 2 scenarios:  Removal of goods from a customs warehouse using EIDR where the declarant is an indirect representative (TC27) Removal of goods from a customs warehouse using EIDR, with value build up (TC39)   XML documentation was issued on September 24th to support testing in TTM5.0. The remaining 2 scenarios (TC06 and TC26)will be on September 25th  The Smart Error Messages seen in the DMSACC notifications for TC27 and TC39 have not been communicated to before now.  These messages are associated with Front End Credibility functionality and are currently being refined. This is new functionality in TTM5.0 and will be introduced in Live in Release 2.  Further details will be issued on how to handle these messages before this functionality is introduced in Live.

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TTM5.0 DAN Validation & Known Error Log

TTM5.0 has introduced DAN validation. This means that you must use the correct deferment account number for the EORI used on each declaration submission for tests to be successful in TTM5.0. Details of the DANs that can be used for the shared EORIs from the EORI “Library” can be found in Appendix E of the TTM5.0 Pack, which was issued on Friday 07/09. A new Known Error Log (KEL) for TTM5.0 has been added to the online forum. Please keep in mind that trade test is a test system and, while every effort has been made to ensure the KEL is comprehensive, it is possible that further bugs may be identified during TTM5.0.

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Bulk Data File List API

The Bulk Data File List API has now been exposed on Developer Hub . The Tariff Files will not be available for download until the end of October but you will still be able to use this documentation to help you automate the pull of Daily, Monthly and Annual Tariff files.  In the interim we will be issuing the updated Tariff Data File containing all of the National Measures up to mid-July. The file will also include the Excise measures. This is scheduled to be available on Google Drive folder CDS 09 Tariff Download by the end of September.

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